My name is Julie Smith, I was born and raised a few miles outside of New York City and have always been unapologetically in love with design. I spent most of my youth in thrift shops obsessing  and altering small details of clothing and accessories. From a very young age I was attracted to and enamored with the city, and continue to gain most of my inspiration from its unique pulse.

With a degree in business management and fashion design, I have made a career out of this passion. I moved to New York City where I worked as a buyer for Saks fifth Avenue and went on to design clothing for large brands such as Converse. Having experience in both the financial and design worlds have served me well in growing this business.

I left my first urban love (New York City) for a country boy and started a new life in San Diego. My style is influenced by the attraction of opposites; masculine and feminine, dark and light, hard and soft, old and new. I love giving vintage pieces a new life mixed in with those of present day. I bring my clients creative yet functional spaces that are curated, eclectic and comfortable. I strive to keep the design process an organized, and enjoyable process for clients, contractors and all others involved. ​

​I live in Encinitas with my amazing husband and kids where we are either at the beach in our vintage RV, or trying to find a snow filled mountain to ride.