Full Service Design

This will cover all of your design needs from a ground up project or remodel to accessories selection.  We will walk you through every step of the way with an executed plan:

Consultation: My job here is to listen. Listen to what you want, what you don't want and what you dream to have.  Then I give you homework

Concept board: With the results of your homework inspiration is gathered and laid out in a concept board

Space planning/ drawings: Floor plans drawn and elevations drawn to scale with all crucial information (the bible)

Design/Product selection: All aspects from floor selection to paint color to furniture (at least 2 options) 

Meet with contractors and subcontractors: Walkthrough all details 

Estimate cost of goods and labor 

Order and communicate: All materials, vendors, timelines 

Install: After the dust has settled we bring your space to life

You live happily ever after....... oh and a photoshoot

Let's Do It


Let us help you design your space wherever you are. Our E-Design package can help!

On the phone/ facetime consultation: same as in person where we listen to your needs and give you homework

Concept board: design direction layed out in an easy to visualize concept board

Measurements: Take lots of pictures of your space with detailed measurements

Product selection: following approval of concept board you are given an organized list of all products with links to purchase

Install day: Facetime where we help you place each piece, down to the accessories

Pictures are appreciated!

Let's Do It